Digital Branding

With strong knowledge of all media platforms, Viewspotter can develop an online campaign by reaching out to your consumers, in the right context and help achieve the recognition your brand needs. We work with leading partners that employ proprietary human and tech-driven systems to ensure your ad dollars are spent on real users via legitimate publishers. We track patterns and monitor activity across sites, IPs, publishers, and supply vendors in the ongoing fight against fraudulent behaviour


If they have thought about it, then we can get them to think about it again! The science behind Viewspotter can drive traffic to your website by capturing an online ‘view’ pattern. High performance is then achieved as Viewspotter bids for the most cost effective audience at the right time, targeting the most relevant users. We don’t settle for stale bidding practices throughout a campaign, we optimise on every point possible to achieve dynamic, effective bidding that drives performance.


Thanks to the developments in programmatic advertising, you can now get serious with social! The power of real-time bidding in social media platforms makes it possible to customise an audience in a fun and relevant environment. Use our platform to leverage first and third party data for enhanced results. Or Manage and optimize FBX campaigns with the same tools you used across other exchanges including: Day-of-week, Geo targeting, Frequency control, Frequency pricing & Time-of-day

We will deliver measurable results, to help you achieve your goals.

  • A single system that connects to multiple ad exchanges and other media suppliers.
  • Campaign managements tools to optimise your campaign in real time.
  • Automated bid management capabilities.
  • Advanced analysis and “decisioning” about the value and desirability of ad impression opportunities.
  • Ability to capture and manage brand data and third-party data to improve targeting.
  • Control of budgets and campaign rates, across all media sources.
  • Fully integrated reporting of campaign performance across multiple media suppliers.