Viewspotter- taking television to a new level in 2019

Television is still as strong today as ever!

We all still love to watch our favourite programs when and how we want and with the ever increasing greater width of television network channel environments, streaming services and content and programming choice overall is just getting bigger !

The challenge with this increased fragmentation of viewing behaviours on multiple devices of consumers of television today, is how advertisers can still effectively and efficiently target these audiences and fortunately that’s where technology and the team at Viewspotter can guide the way in this new media challenge.

Advanced Television is here!

Across online environments today audience targeting using various profiles, segmentation and data sources and other strategic tactics and strategies can be used to buy effective digital media.   So why cant you do the same on the big screen television and across all devices consuming video, well now you can!

Advanced Television is sold and delivered on an impression basis using software automation and audience data to deliver a far more effective buy to “your”  audience than the more mass approach using broad demographics at best – eg all people 25-54 for example that has vastly different behaviours across this age skew.

Advanced Television is rapidly evolving and we will keep you updated as more  unfolds across the year however here and now the Viewspotter team can deliver for your next video campaign across television content and inventory:


  • Connected TV (CTV) and BVOD: Real-time buying of TV ads airing on internet enabled over-the-top (OTT) devices or Smart TV applications (eg Samsung Smart Hub, Apple or Rokt TV boxes etc ). Ability to target across all devices, geo, daypart and other segmentation strategies here and now and across ALL broadcasters in Australia / NZ (Seven,Nine,Ten,Foxtel,SBS) and also access to Australian eyeballs consuming overseas video content which is often stronger than you may think..
  • Addressable TV: Ads aired on traditional television but only to specific households that align with a target Coming soon to various commercial networks,  the Viewspotter team will be accessing and buying into.
  • Programmatic Linear TV: TV advertising that airs on traditional TV, but is backed with a data-defined audience    Already here and now and soon to roll out as a delivery option for our clients in Australia via our in house trading dashboards and optimisation tools.

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