What is Remarketing? How Does it work?

Did you know: roughly 96% of visitors who visit your website are not ready to buy, and only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit! For the most part these visitors land on your website, look around for a bit and then leave without making a purchase. Similar to window shoppers at a shopping mall – they walk around the shops looking at the products, showing a bit of interest only to decide that if they are still thinking about the product in a few hours then they’ll come back for it. Commonly, the majority of them will leave and forget about your product as soon as they leave your store. So, what is the solution? How can ensure these consumers remember our products long after they’ve left our ecommerce websites and remind them about our products until they’re ready to come back and make a purchase? The solution is simple. You will likely have heard the term retargeting floating around and this is precisely where it comes into play. Retargeting, also referred to as remarketing, works as a form of online advertising that brings consumers back to your website and turns them in to buyers.

How does retargeting work? When a consumer visits your website, a method called cookie tracking is used to tag non-converting consumers through their browsers. These cookies follow these consumers around the web and triggers display ads from your company on other sites. A common retargeting ads example is through Facebook. Have you ever searched for a product on the internet and then a few hours later an ad for that exact product shows up on your Facebook newsfeed? That’s retargeting! When retargeting (remarketing) is implemented effectively, remarketing conversion rates will see an improvement and ultimately lead to a consistent increase in overall conversions time and time again.

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