Segmentation and Targeting Strategy

In the landscape of programmatic digital advertising and real time bidding, these attributes are selected for within the Demand Side Platform (DSP) by advertisers and agencies.

As more and more data is able to be collected about customers as they browse the web, the opportunities for highly accurate targeting increase. We’ve listed out some of the more common ways to segment your audiences below.

About The Person

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Geographic (Country, City, Postcode, etc.)

How They Behave Online

  • Interests (What kinds of content they access)
  • Browser Type
  • Device Type (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet)
  • Time of Day

How Broad Should Your Targeting Be?

It’s the constant dilemma in any targeting for digital advertising; how tightly should I constrain my advertising spend? If you set too narrow parameters on age, gender, location and interests you’ll likely struggle to spend your budget over a reasonable time frame.

There’s also the risk of completely missing out on new audiences who might otherwise be very interested in your offering, but have been excluded because they don’t precisely match your set criteria.

It’s therefore generally a good idea to set aside some portion of the budget for testing new targeting options. You might just find out that younger audiences in the metropolitan cities are just as keen purchasers of farming equipment!

Another common term you might hear around both Segmentation and Targeting is Positioning.

This is less about the process of technically advertising, and more about your customer thinks about the product, how it relates to the other products on the market. Is it a top tier luxury item, something cheap and durable, or possibly somewhere in the middle? This is more of a business oriented part of the advertising process, but still highly relevant when considering your potential audience and how to talk to them.

If you’re interested in precise targeting to maximise your advertising budget, then send through your questions to Viewspotter below!

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