Retargeting Ads & Strategy

Retargeting, or remarketing, is a form of online advertising that uses marketing tactics to show visitors who have previously been to your website advertisements based on your content. The ultimate goal of retargeting is to turn these visitors into buyers by converting them. It is a very effective tool that when used successfully increases engagement with your audience. How does retargeting work? Well, when a consumer visits your website a method called cookie tracking is used to tag non-converting consumers through their browsers. The retargeting tag follows these consumers around the web which then triggers display ads from your company or brand on other sites. These ads work to remind consumers about your product which ultimately will lead to improved conversion rates.

With so many retargeting strategies to choose from, how do we know which retargeting strategy will work the best? One of the simplest retargeting strategies is through Facebook. Facebook retargeting is one of the most powerful ways to re-engage your target market. With over 2 billion active Facebook users around the globe, the ability to reach consumers who fall within your target audience and even those who you may have not considered, is increasingly easy.

How does Facebook retargeting work? It’s simple! First: you have to set-up and login to your Facebook Ads Manager account, and then select your desired audience. Second: you click on create audience and select custom audiences. Third: you select website traffic. Fourth: you select your target audience from the dropdown menu.

And finally, you get a pixel code and place it on your website. If you don’t have a pixel code you will have to order one before you can start retargeting. What is a pixel code? A pixel code, also known as cookie tracking, is a tag placed on your website enabling tracking to occur. Although set-up is very simple, in order to make the retargeting ad successful you must plan them to ensure you’re giving your consumers a reason to convert. By knowing your consumers purchase behaviour, you can tailor the retargeting ads to catch their attention and increase the likelihood of them converting.

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