Programmatic Targeting for Advertising

Contrary to what you might think, targeting is most frequently worked out prior to the launch of the campaign, with all of the parameters set prior, typically within a DSP. This is because of the nature of real time bidding; advertisers would be far too slow to manually review each potential advertising slot and so the algorithm matches the targeting information to the available impression.

There are however systems which optimise across a campaign using the real time data from customers as it goes live. As customers begin to view and click on ads across the web, machine learning algorithms learn which devices, media types and bidding strategies. Viewspotter is an example of an agency which specialises in these advanced targeting systems.

There are some other key targeting tactics which we specialise in, to enable you to best reach your online audience:


Just set your target audience through the DSP settings and away you go. This is the best way to explore new audiences and identify where your best customers are browsing and interacting online.

3rd-Party Data

We’re lucky to have access to over 60,000 segments through Viewspotter’s server-to-server data integrations. If you can’t find your unique audience here, then you’ll struggle to find them anywhere!

Contextual & Site Targeting 

Really want to chase customers who are interested in a particular type of online content? This is the tactic for you; enabling your ads for cricket gear to be served alongside only sporting news and updates, or your ads promoting home-grown honey only on sites which feature environmental content. 

Dynamic Retargeting

This is a critical step in any display activity, following up your earlier customers after they’ve left the website. The dynamic element enables you to serve them a more personalised ad experience, based on the products or pages they’ve explored on your website.

There’s also a host of strategies which smartly target a customer’s location. These include such things as Geo-fencing (reaching audiences from their physical location with precise and granular parameters), I.P targeting on specific buildings and networks, weather-based delivery and more.

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