Programmatic Advertising

Since the first banner ad appeared, the ability for advertising, marketing, and media buying to be digitally based has become an important tool for business growth. Traditionally, these activities occurred between brands and popular websites and were monitored using dashboards. However, as the web continued to grow, the ability to accurately and effectively monitor these activities became increasingly challenging. The answer to this was the implementation of Programmatic techniques. Programmatic advertising, media buying, and marketing was developed with the purpose of using software to automate the process of buying, selling, placing, and optimising of digital media through real-time-bidding.

This has resulted in eliminating the reliance for humans to manually trade and insert the media themselves, leading to the development of more effective strategies by using multiple data points to determine the best place for ads to appear. Additionally, this has increased the efficiency and placement of ads, which many have previously been placed ineffectively. Although human touch is no longer fully required, humans are still necessary for the refinement and adjustment of advertising campaigns. Programmatic can be applied to anything from display advertising to digital advertising, using the data collected to drive real-time decisions about the types of ads that should be delivered to consumers.

The development of programmatic ads are produced using software which implements algorithms that have been developed to analyse consumers internet behaviours. This data is applied in real-time to campaigns and used to improve optimization, tailoring the programmatic ads to consumers who are more likely to convert. Programmatic marketing is used to target the primary market segments the brand or company wants their ads to be visible to, taking in to consideration consumer demographics and behaviours based on data collected through the consumers internet use. The data gathered provides insights into the target audience, creating the ability to better tailor marketing strategies. Additionally, these ads can be limited to certain times of the day, frequency of visibility, and placement. This guarantees the ads remain effective by ensuring they are visible to the desired target market at the most effective times.

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